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A picture of Xander Black, lead videographer. He is a caucasian male in a button down white shirt and a suit jacket and is smiling

Xander Black

Lead Videographer

Xander Black is a versatile creative professional with a background in theatre, professional TV acting, and self-taught VR filmmaking spanning over seven years. His expertise lies in capturing, editing, and sharing 360º VR stories that transport viewers to immersive virtual worlds.

Xander's work seamlessly blends traditional theatre artistry with cutting-edge technology, offering captivating storytelling experiences that redefine visual media. Join him on a journey where sight and sound converge to create unforgettable moments.

A picture of TJ Butzke, lead editor. He is a bearded caucasian male in a black henley shirt and is smiling

TJ Butzke

Lead Editor

TJ Butzke is a visionary mixed-media artist and producer with a passion for crafting compelling narratives through photography, film, music, and mixed-reality experiences. With a unique blend of creativity and technical ability, he has carved a niche in the realm of multimedia storytelling.

TJ's artistic creations are immersive and interactive projects that push the boundaries of new media tools and techniques. His work serves as a testament to his unwavering belief that technology, particularly Virtual Reality, should be a means to extend, enhance, and explore reality, rather than replace it. Join TJ in a world where the lines between art and technology blur, and where innovation is harnessed to enhance our perception of the world around us.

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